Ready Honda's "Parts Department" will be glad to order any of Honda's accessories for your Honda car, minivan or SUV.


Don't underestimate the importance of using properly fitted and installed floor mats! Genuine Honda Accessory all-season mats are designed specifically for each vehicle model to precisely fit the floor area of each seating position. Eyelets are provided on the driver's mat to secure it in place on the OEM anchor hooks so it will stay in proper position, away from potential interference with the driver's pedals. Only one set of OEM carpet mats or Genuine Honda Accessory all-season floor mats should be used. Never place one set of mats over the other as this could result in mat displacement causing interference with the operation of the driver's pedals.

Keep the interior of your vehicle clean and clutter-free with protection package items:
  • All-season mats
  • Cargo tray
  • Splash guards


Enhance the practicality of your vehicle with the following Genuine Honda Accessories:
  • Automatic day/night rearview mirror
  • Armrest
  • Remote engine starter
  • Cargo hook, net, organizer, and dividers
  • Honda i-Link


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